Ildy Fekete Copywriter

About Me

Senior copywriter with 9+ years experience. Expert at rocking both the left and right brains, firm believer that great creative is grounded in solid strategy. Fan of digital content, TV and the places they overlap. Maker of crafty stuff, videos and especially jokes (both good and terrible). On point, on deadline and quick on the uptake. Big picture thinker seeking team or company of the same. New clients always welcome.

Things I LOVE

  • The creative community. From film school to a decade in advertising, I consider myself lucky to have always been surrounded by creative types, rule breakers and those who think differently. Did you know it’s impossible to be creative and stupid at the same time? True story.
  • Projects. From conceiving it, to crafting it, to refining it, to completing it, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good project. Just ask any of the guys I dated in college. 
  • Whys and hows. I love to learn how things work and what makes people tick. Useful for copywriting and world domination. 
  • Books. Okay, this is pretty basic. But would you really want a writer who doesn’t read?
  • Travel. The more cultures you encounter, the bigger your ideas become.

Things I DON’T

  • Big egos (on my team). I can handle any client's personality, but I also believe your team is your work family. So be nice to your work brothers and sisters, or I'm telling your mom. 
  • Activities that require physical coordination. I once kicked someone in the family jewels while trying to play hacky sack, so please keep that in mind when planning corporate bonding exercises. 
  • Clutter. I’m a huge fan of minimalism and not having more than you need. Will organize desks for beer. 
  • Bees. Seriously, f*** those things. I’m pretty sure they’re dying because I’m killing them with my mind. Where’s my Epipen?

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