Ildy Fekete Copywriter


A few of the things I’ve been asked most often in life.

Q:        What is your full name?

A:         Ildiko Edith Fekete

Q:        Oh, that’s so interesting!

A:         Sorry, that’s not a question.

Q:        What does your name mean? 

A:         Warrior Prosperous in War Black.

Q:        Oh my God, why?

A:         I assume because Genghis Khan was already taken.

Q:        Do you speak English?

A:         No. This website is actually in Esperanto, you are just awesome at languages.

Q:        Where were you born?

A:         Ravenswood Hospital, Chicago, IL. Congrats, you now have all the security answers to my 2003 MySpace account!

Q:        MySpace?! How old ARE you?

A:         Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway.

Q:        What is your five-year plan?

A:         I’ll tell you in five years.

Q:        Why should I hire you as a writer?

A:         I got you to read this far down.

Q:        I get jokes! Where can I find more?

A:         [Blog coming soon]

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